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Home security tips


Basic Home Security should be a top priority for your peace of mind. Many burglaries may just be opportunities who took a chance because basic home security was not being taken care of. You shouldn't take it for granted that you know your neighbours and believe you live in a secure area or a safe part of town, the unfortunate truth is that burglars have ever more sophisticated ways of breaking and entering your property without so much as a broken window.

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Your Home Security strategy should involve making your home as difficult as possible for anyone to enter which includes slowing down their progress as much as you can.

We've put together a few Home Security Tips for you to easily follow at home to make your property a less attractive option for any potential intruders.


Make sure all of your windows and doors are properly fitted with secure locks and keep them locked whenever they are not in use. Chains and dead bolts can be effective deterrents to intruders.

Do not be tempted to leave windows open over warmer summer nights, or if you do, ensure your window is fitted with a lock to prevent it from being fully opened.

Always double lock the door where possible, when you leave the house. This makes it more difficult for any intruders.

Never leave any keys at all in hidden places near to your home as this will certainly be one of the things burglars will check for outside your home.

If you have plans to go on holiday ensure there is someone responsible available to keep an eye on your house and also consider buying timers for lights that operate on a random timetable rather than a set one that turns lights on at the same time each day. (Remember Home Alone with Macauley Culkin!?)

Also, if you plan to be away for any considerable length of time, remember to do things like cancel milk or newspaper deliveries so that you do not have them mounting up and potentially signalling to an intruder that you are not at home.

Keep any valuables you have inside your house locked away too.

Ensure you have full home and contents insurance to have all bases covered.

Consider investing in home security systems such as alarms or CCTV.

Do periodic revisions and checks of all home security devices and fittings to ensure everything is in good working order.




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Remember, your home is also a major financial investment for you. You should keep it as secure as possible at all times. If you work from home and keep valuable computer equipment in the house you need to be extra vigilant and not keep so much out on view but either in locked rooms or away from windows on the ground floor etc. To keep your systems secure you could make use of the services of a Horsham IT support company for added peace of mind.


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For your peace of mind, we also recommend you have a Household insurance policy on place. We recommend Compare The Market as the best place to check out deals on a complete range of House insurance policies.


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